Hinagashi Traditional Japanese Sweet Making in Tsuruoka
Satoyama no kominka shirakabe • Yamagata
"Make hinagashi, traditional Japanese sweets, in Tsuruoka, the UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy."
Hinagashi are traditional Japanese sweets made to celebrate Hina Matsuri, the doll festival held every year in March. These colorful sweets have a glazed look that makes them look almost like decorative ceramics, and the attention to detail makes these incredible sweets edible works of art.

Depending on the group size, you’ll gather for the experience at a local candy shop or a temple's traditional tatami room. Before beginning the class, you’ll hear a short lecture about the history and significance behind these beloved sweets.

Then, you’ll learn directly from professional artisans as you use traditional candy-making tools to create your own beautiful hinagashi. With more than 70 years of experience, the hinagashi master will help you make these intricate sweets with simple-to-follow, step-by-step instructions. An interpreter will translate your teacher's instructions into English, so you can easily follow along.

Use a tool to create tiny scales on a colorful fish-shaped sweet, and form a multi-layered hinagashi mikan (mandarin orange) that you can peel just like a real mikan! After perfecting your sweets, enjoy the fruits of your labor with a hot cup of tea, or wrap them up in a cute box to take home.


  • Make beautiful traditional Japanese sweets, hinagashi
  • Learn about candy making from an expert
  • Enjoy the sweets with tea, or wrap them up to take home


  • Step-by-step instruction
  • Tools and ingredients for making hinagashi
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