Make Your Own Pet Food From Scratch! Fishing and Grilling in Mie
Gate Co., Ltd. • Mie
"Enjoy a day of fishing in the beautiful town of Nigishima, make additive-free fresh pet food from fish, and enjoy a BBQ lunch at the beach."
Inhabitants of Japan have always been dependent on the sea, and geographically it makes sense. No point anywhere on the archipelago of Japan is more than ninety-three miles from the coastline. Japanese cuisine has been shaped by the ocean’s bounty over the course of centuries, relying on fish, shellfish, seaweed, and other marine life. But the abundance of seafood isn’t just beneficial for people, it also provides healthy food for pets.

Sail out to a fixed-net fishing zone and enjoy a day on the water with local fishermen. Led by a local guide and their friendly dog, during this boat excursion, you’ll be able to interact with the ocean and the life teeming within it.

After helping the fishermen haul in the nets of fish, you’ll return to shore and divide the day’s catch into packages. Once portioned, the bags will be put into a machine to seal and cook the fish. Before you know it, you’ll have made fresh, additive-free food to give to your pets.

With the approval of your canine companion, you’ll finally get to relax and enjoy some human food in the form of a beachside BBQ. Soak in some rays, taste the salty breeze of the ocean, and tuck into a well-deserved meal after your day of work. All ages can appreciate the work that goes into gathering food from the ocean, and sharing with your community of two-legged and four-legged friends alike.


  • Going out on a boat to enjoy fishing in the ocean
  • Making additive-free pet food from fish
  • Enjoy a fun lunch on the beach


  • A boat and fishing tour
  • All the gear needed for going out on the boat
  • Fishing gear
  • Materials to make pet food
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