From Leaf to Brew: The Secrets of Japanese Tea Production
Osada Tea Co., Ltd. • Shizuoka
"Learn about the tea production process in Shizuoka, the largest producer of green tea in Japan, by participating in a tour and tea tastings."
Neat rows of tea bushes decorate the sloping hillsides of Shuchi-gun in Shizuoka, making for a captivating scene. Known across Japan for its tea production, Shizuoka prefecture is one of the foremost places for tea lovers to visit.

At the Osada Tea headquarters, participate in a tour and tasting as if you were a tea apprentice. Your guide will initiate you into the world of Japanese tea, teaching you how to properly taste and appreciate Japanese tea. You’ll sample a variety of the area's finest teas and learn how to identify different aspects of the tea leaves by touch, smell, and of course, taste!

After the tasting, walk through the tea processing facility and gain insights into how tea is produced. Here, a light dusting of tea powder coats the whole factory, perfuming the air with the fresh scent of green tea. The secrets behind the craft of tea making will be illuminated on this tour.

Then, inside the tea lab, you’ll get a chance to roast your own tea. You’ll even create your own original tea blend to take home. As tea is ideally served with something sweet, you’ll also make nerikiri, traditional Japanese confections made from bean paste and shaped into decorative seasonal motifs. Whisk up a frothy bowl of matcha to enjoy with your sweets, before winding down at the Osada tea house with one last cup of tea.


  • Tour the Osada tea headquarters
  • Sample and compare different kinds of tea
  • Make your own original tea blend
  • Learn how to make nerikiri, traditional Japanese sweets


  • Tea factory tour
  • Tea sampling
  • Nerikiri and matcha making
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