Century-Old Fermentation Storehouse Tour and Miso Sampling
Ishii Miso Co., Ltd. • Nagano
"Learn the secrets of miso production in Nagano at a traditional Japanese miso storehouse where this fermented ingredient is aged for up to three years."
Peek inside the miso storehouses of Nagano and enjoy a special lunch that features this fermented superfood. Not your ordinary soybean paste, the miso at Ishii Miso is aged for up to three years in cedar barrels, yielding a rich and deeply fermented flavor.

Founded in 1868, Ishii Miso Co., Ltd. continues to produce miso using the traditional method, eschewing the methods of mass-produced miso. Unlike the modern, factory-made miso that’s fermented in plastic or metal barrels, Ishii Miso is aged in wooden barrels that enable air to permeate. While mass-produced miso is typically fermented for just a few months, Ishii Miso matures their miso for up to three years. Hear all about this process and get a look inside the storehouses during a tour of the factory.

After the tour, you’ll savor the rich flavor of Ishii Miso in a meal, and come to appreciate the ultra umami taste of finely-aged miso. A powerhouse of flavor, miso is an essential ingredient in Japanese cuisine; not only used in miso soup, but also to make dressings, glazes, condiments, and even sweets like Ishi Miso’s unique ice cream, which balances the umami of miso and the floral flavor of vanilla.

Come experience the versatility of miso in Nagano Prefecture, the top miso-producing area in Japan, at a miso company that is keeping the traditional, artisanal methods alive.


  • Tour a miso factory that’s over 100 years old
  • Learn about the process of fermenting soybeans
  • Sample the different types of aged miso


  • Miso factory tour
  • Miso tasting
  • A meal featuring miso
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