Soy Sauce Making and Factory Tour in Kawagoe
Fueki Soy Sauce Co., Ltd. • Saitama
"Learn all about the process of making soy sauce, during a hands-on experience mixing soy in large wooden barrels."
Tucked away in the charming town of Kawagoe is a soy sauce factory that’s been around for centuries. Fueki Syoyu Brewing Co., Ltd. was founded in 1789 and has been in business for more than 230 years. Using carefully selected soybeans, wheat, and salt, they have perfected the art of soy sauce fermentation in large wooden barrels called kioke.

The owner ​​Masatsugu Fueki is passionate about soy sauce and eager to share his extensive knowledge with guests. Committed to preserving the traditional method of aging soy sauce in kioke, he has spearheaded a project to continue the craft of kioke making.

Explore the factory, room by room, and learn all about how soy sauce is made. Then, don the traditional attire of a soy sauce brewer and literally step into the shoes of a local craftsman. Now that you look the part, you’ll get to help with kaiire, the process of mixing the soy sauce. Using a giant paddle, you’ll churn the moromi (soy sauce fermentation mash) in the kioke, the huge wooden barrels. It’s surprisingly strenuous work, but once you get into the rhythm, it’ll get your heart rate up!

Experience the full-bodied taste of freshly-pressed soy sauce, then enjoy foods featuring this essential Japanese pantry staple. Choose a meal featuring the soy sauce, like udon that’s fittingly served in a mini soy sauce barrel. Or, try the lunchtime classic, an onigiri (rice ball) that’s seasoned with soy sauce. Soy sauce-flavored desserts feature on the menu as well; try the soy sauce ice cream or soy sauce pudding—the balance of savory and sweet will keep you coming back for bite after bite.


  • Tour a soy sauce factory that is over 200 years old
  • Learn about making soy sauce using koike wooden barrels
  • Help make the soy sauce
  • Enjoy a tasty meal featuring the factory’s soy sauce


  • Soy sauce factory tour
  • Soy sauce tasting
  • Lunch highlighting soy sauce
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