Revitalizing Minamisanriku: Fresh Oysters and Local Wine Tour
Minamisanriku Winery Co., Ltd. • Miyagi
"Visit local producers of fresh seafood and local wine who are supporting the reconstruction and recovery of Minamisanriku in Miyagi prefecture."
Minamisanriku is one of the areas that was greatly affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011. Even a decade later, the town is still recovering from the natural disaster. However, the community has come together to help revitalize the area.

You can help participate in the reconstruction efforts through this tour. Take a boat out onto the ocean to harvest oysters and enjoy the beautiful view of the nearby islands and the fresh air of the sea (weather-dependent). Once you arrive at the aquafarm, you’ll help the fishermen harvest the oysters. Oysters don’t get fresher than this, and you can crack one open on the boat to try them raw!

Once the boat returns to shore, you’ll take your oyster haul to a local winery. Help prepare the oysters for lunch by shucking the meat out of the shells. Then, enjoy a tour around the winery while lunch, using the fresh oysters you bring in, is prepared. The winery is a symbol of how the community has come together to create something new to change the image of the town.

After the winery tour, enjoy lunch made from harvested oysters and other local ingredients, like the mutton from sheep that eat wakame seaweed! The lunch is complemented by wine from the winery, so you can really appreciate all the local produce of Minamisanriku.


  • See how fresh oysters are harvested
  • Tour a local winery
  • Enjoy lunch featuring fresh oysters
  • Support the local community with its recovery efforts


  • Boat tour
  • Winery tour
  • Lunch with local ingredients
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