Pick Mikan and Make Marmalade with a Local Farmer in Ehime
Yawatahama City Furusato Tourism Public Corporation • Ehime
"Join a local farmer in Ehime prefecture for a day of mikan picking, tasting, and marmalade-making at a woman-led mikan farm."
At this mountainside mikan farm in Yawatahama City, a Japan Agricultural Heritage Site, come pick sunny orange citrus fruits with a local farmer. The sweet fragrance of mandarin oranges perfumes in the air as the fruits ripen under dappled sunlight—the freshest mikan you’ll ever taste.

One of Japan’s top producers of mikan, Ehime prefecture cultivates 40 different types of mandarin oranges, some of which fetch thousands of dollars at market. Yawatahama is the premier producer of one variety called unshu mikan, a type of mandarin that’s easy to peel and contains few seeds. In the picturesque terraced fields along the mountainside, a local farmer will teach you how to select the most delicious mikan for picking, taking into consideration its color, texture, and placement on the tree.

There, in the fields, you’ll juice a basketful of freshly-harvested mikan and taste the refreshing, concentrated flavor of pure mandarin orange. With your taste buds awakened, you’ll be ready for lunch: a bento box featuring mikan-inspired dishes.

Appetite satisfied, you’ll start the farm-to-table marmalade workshop. With the guidance of the local mikan farmer, make delicious mandarin orange preserves that prolong the vibrant flavor of your mikan harvest. The host city for the world marmalade-making competition, Yawatahama is the place to learn from the pros.

After making your own marmalade, you’ll have the opportunity to sample a variety of different mikan jams made by locals. Taste the range of sweet, tart, bitter, floral, and even herbal flavors of these premium citrus preserves, paired with fresh Japanese milk bread.


  • Pick mikan in a Japan Agricultural Heritage Site
  • Sample freshly squeezed mikan juice
  • Enjoy a mikan-themed bento
  • Make your own mikan marmalade


  • Mikan harvesting experience
  • Equipment for marmalade making
  • Lunch bento
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