Harvesting Fresh Wasabi in the Beautiful Fields of Shizuoka
Satoyama no kominka shirakabe • Shizuoka
"In the birthplace of wasabi farming, stay at a renovated kominka (folk house), pick your own authentic Japanese wasabi, and enjoy it freshly grated with a special kaiseki meal."
Hon-wasabi, or “true wasabi,” is rarely found outside of Japan. Even within Japan, a lot of wasabi (like the type served at conveyor belt sushi restaurants) is not made from the wasabi plant, but with less expensive horseradish. The reason for hon-wasabi’s rarity? The plant is notoriously difficult to grow. Requiring specific environmental conditions, wasabi thrives in areas that have mountain river valleys where they can flourish amid the clear-flowing stream beds.

To experience true wasabi in its birthplace, come to Shizuoka. Japan’s top producer of wasabi, Shizuoka has the perfect conditions for this extraordinary and scarce crop. A temperate climate, abundance of rainfall, and clean, flowing water make for happy wasabi paddies.

Just an hour and a half from Tokyo, stay at a beautifully renovated kominka (Japanese folk house) that resembles a Japanese temple, and experience a day in the wasabi fields. The kominka hotel features luxury rotenburo (outdoor baths) and has been updated with modern furniture and amenities, while preserving the building's historic architecture.

At the wasabi farm, you’ll learn about the process of cultivating wasabi. Don rubber boots and traverse the rows of lush green wasabi, hearing the bubbling of clear water trickling underfoot. Follow along as your guide demonstrates how to harvest wasabi, and get hands-on in the field.

Back at the hotel, you’ll clean and use your wasabi harvest for nabe (Japanese hot pot). Enjoy a colorful kaiseki meal, complete with sashimi, wagyu beef, and many small, traditional Japanese side dishes. Grate your incredibly fresh wasabi to enjoy with your meal. A rare delicacy, you can even take home extra wasabi and enjoy its sharp, herbal flavor for days to come; its taste evoking the lush wasabi paddies of Shizuoka.


  • Stay at a beautifully renovated kominka
  • Learn all about wasabi
  • Harvest fresh wasabi
  • Enjoy a kaiseki course meal


  • Wasabi harvesting
  • Kaiseiki meal
  • Fresh wasabi to take home
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