Decorative Pressed Sushi Class Along the Historical Nakasendo Trail
Mitake Hanazushi Association • Gifu
"Learn how to make tasty and beautifully-designed pressed sushi in the historical town of Mitake in Gifu prefecture."
The Nakasendo trail is one of the two major routes that went between Tokyo and Kyoto during the Edo period. Along the trail are many post towns, including the town of Mitake in Gifu prefecture. In an effort to revitalize the area, Teruko Hotta has created a unique sushi experience to attract visitors to the town, becoming a destination for visitors just like it was during the Edo era.

This unique sushi, called hanazushi, is an edible work of art! Hanazushi is pressed, often square-shaped sushi, decorated with different nature-inspired designs. You’ll be taught how to arrange the ingredients to create up to seven different types of hanazushi, featuring motifs associated with the area, like roses, peonies, and momiji (maple leaves).

After you prepare all the hanazushi, you’ll display them on a large, round wooden platter. The colorful sushi can be arranged in patterns and decorated with leaves to create a photo-worthy presentation. Once you’ve had a chance to eat with your eyes, you’ll be able to tuck in and enjoy this artistic meal; and with new techniques under your belt, the creative sushi can be replicated in your own home kitchen anytime.


  • Visit Mitake, a post town on the historical Nakasendo Trail
  • Prepare a variety of colorful hanazushi with different colors and designs
  • Enjoy the photogenic and delicious hanazushi meal
  • Learn new sushi-making techniques and decoration skills


  • All the ingredients needed to make hanazushi
  • Step-by-step instruction on how to assemble and decorate the hanazushi
  • Trying all the hanazushi you make featuring local ingredients