Kawaii and Insta-Worthy Character Bento Class
WASHOCOOK Co., Ltd. • Online
"Learn how to make an ultra-cute and super tasty bento from anywhere in the world."
Japan is known worldwide for its kawaii culture. This cute aesthetic seeps into everyday life, and even into Japanese box lunches, aka bento. Featuring foods that are arranged to resemble popular cartoon characters and animals, character bentos (“kyaraben” in Japanese), have gained popularity as a way for parents to encourage children to eat balanced meals.

Learn how to make your own kawaii character bento in this easy-to-follow cooking class, hosted both online and in person. Your cooking instructor will walk you through each step of the bento-making process. Craft little hearts out of omelets, slice octopus-shaped sausages, and prepare other fun details that really make your bentos special. You’ll also get to create cute characters out of easy-to-find and prepare ingredients. By using seasonal, fresh ingredients, your bento will be healthy as well as adorable!

You’ll end the class with a delicious and photo-worthy Japanese character bento, and the skills to create your own variations in the future. Then you can show off your new skills to friends and family, and impress them with your creative and colorful lunch boxes.


  • Follow along with easy step-by-step instructions to make your own cute bento box
  • Become familiar with the different tools and techniques of bento making
  • Learn about the Japanese culture of bento and “kyaraben”


  • 1.5-hour character bento cooking class
  • Recipes used for the bento