Connecting with Japan’s Culture through Udon and Calligraphy
Wakalture Experience • Tokyo
"Learn about everyday life in Japan through cooking and art during this cozy cultural exchange in Tokyo."
Tokyo is full of fantastic sights and experiences, but in such a bustling city it can be difficult to get a feel for everyday life in Japan. Join your host Wakana, a licensed dietician and calligrapher, for a hands-on cultural experience. She is passionate about connecting to people from all over the world through cooking and calligraphy, and will welcome you into her home studio with open arms.

You’ll learn how to prepare udon, a traditional type of Japanese noodle made from wheat flour. The process is simple, but you’ll be surprised by how physical it can be! Part of preparing the dough includes stomping on it, an act that makes the dough smooth and elastic. Making these thick and chewy Japanese noodles is as easy as kneading, stomping on, and cutting up the dough. Using accessible ingredients, it’ll be a pinch to recreate the recipe at home once you’ve got the technique down.

As the udon dough rests, learn the ancient art of calligraphy. Using a brush and ink, Wakana will teach you how to write a Japanese word of your choosing. Under her tutelage, you’ll get a chance to practice and learn how to make elegant strokes.

Once the dough’s resting period is up, you’ll chop it into long strands using a special cleaver. Then, you'll enjoy eating the freshly-made noodles, boiled right on the spot. Enjoy the hot, homemade meal while sharing conversation with a Tokyo local.


  • Learn how to make homemade udon noodles
  • Write a personal kanji using traditional calligraphy tools
  • Connect and chat with a bilingual local Tokyo resident


  • Making udon noodles from scratch
  • Calligraphy lesson
  • Recipe for making udon at home