Life in the Japanese Countryside: Local Farm-to-Table Meal
Iizukatei • Tochigi
"Connect with the Japanese countryside and share a freshly harvested home-cooked meal with local farmers."
Take a journey into rural Japan and experience life in the countryside of Tochigi prefecture. Stay at a beautifully restored kominka, a traditional Japanese folk house. The house has been updated with modern amenities but still retains its charming open concept and tatami flooring. This comfortable home is the perfect base for exploring the rest of the area.

During your stay, you’ll be able to visit a local farm to get a better understanding of daily life in rural Tochigi. Learn about different local produce while helping with the harvest; take a walk along the river and visit the orchards; and try harvesting daikon (Japanese radish), ume (Japanese plum), or kiwis. The peaceful atmosphere and hands-on work will leave you feeling refreshed and connected to the earth.

After spending some time on the farm, you’ll be treated to a homemade lunch prepared with local ingredients. The ingredients will include those from the farm, such as daikon, beans and seasonal fruits. Enjoy conversation while tucking into the rich and healthy lunch. The stories and meals you share together will connect you to a side of Japanese life that most foreign travelers are unable to experience; a rare and precious opportunity to glimpse the warmth and hospitality of rural Japan.


  • Stay at a renovated traditional Japanese folk house
  • Visit a local farm and help harvest seasonal produce
  • Share a home-cooked meal with the locals


  • Local farm experience
  • A chance to harvest fresh produce like daikon or mikan
  • A meal with the farmers featuring local ingredients