From “Ugly” to Upcycled: Reducing Hokkaido's Food Waste Through Creative Cooking
Tenza Hotel & Sky Spa • Hokkaido
"Indulge in a buffet that helps prevent food loss by using vegetables and other produce that would normally be discarded for their unconventional appearance."
With approximately 25.5% of Japan’s cultivated land, Japan’s northernmost prefecture Hokkaido is known for its varied and high-quality produce. Farms across the prefecture produce a large portion of fruits and vegetables sold throughout the country. However, presentation is an important part of their appeal, and that means oddly-shaped vegetables, or those with an unmarketable appearance, are often tossed before they make it to the supermarket.

To help reduce this food waste, the Tenza Hotel has created a buffet featuring ingredients with less-than-perfect appearances. They hope to show that even when a carrot or daikon has a quirky or irregular shape, it still can be turned into a tasty, nutritious, and attractive meal.

During this experience, you’ll get to sample dishes from this buffet and support the reinvention of so-called “ugly” produce into a sustainable feast. A couple of examples of creative foods starring upcycled ingredients include a sweet dessert bread made from unsold “awkward” carrots, and a rich curry made from numerous oddly-shaped vegetables.

Preventing the disposal of these ingredients helps support eco-friendly practices and reduces food waste. Join this dining experience to witness the transformation of these ingredients into a delicious and innovative buffet, while encouraging Hokkaido’s sustainability efforts.


  • Enjoy a breakfast buffet focused on sustainable food practices
  • Taste creative dishes made from rescued produce


  • Buffet meal at the hotel