Sustainable Soy: Zero-Waste Cooking Class in Kamakura
Kamakura BENTO COOKING • Kanagawa
"Learn how to use every part of the soybean to create all the components for a tasty and sustainable parfait. Good for you and the environment!"
Soybeans are a staple crop of Japan. From tofu to natto, soy sauce to miso; soy products appear as a part of everyday meals around the country. However, despite the importance of this food staple, a significant portion of the soybean is wasted during processing. Specifically, the “okara” (soy pulp) is a surplus material made during the manufacturing process of soy products like tofu; and while delicious and nutritious, okara has a relatively short shelf life. This workshop in Kamakura aims to show how all parts of the soybean, including soy pulp, can be used creatively in the home kitchen.

The instructors for this class hope to reduce food waste and promote sustainability by teaching others about zero-waste cooking. Your hosts will guide you through their recipes to transform soybeans, okara, and soy milk into tasty and nutritious foods. For example, did you know that you can make granola from okara? Or colorful, wiggly pudding out of soy milk? These are just two of the recipes you’ll learn to make during this class.

These recipes are easy to follow and use simple and accessible ingredients, so they can be recreated at home. They’re also quite versatile. With the guidance of your instructors, you’ll hone your senses, learning to adjust the amount of ingredients to adapt the texture and taste of the soy products to match your preference. You’ll also master different cooking techniques to get the most out of your ingredients.

Learning how to stretch your ingredients is a sustainable practice that reduces your environmental footprint, and these cooking instructors in Kamakura hope that the techniques and instincts that you develop with them will inspire more creative solutions and zero-waste recipes in your own home kitchen.


  • Learn how to use every part of the soybean (including the pulp and milk)
  • Make granola, pudding, and other food out of soybeans
  • Decorate your own packs of dried snack mix
  • Make and enjoy a parfait made from your zero-waste creations


  • Guided cooking instructions with hosts who are passionate about sustainable cooking
  • Recipes for using different parts of soybeans
  • Snacks to eat and take home