Vegan Japanese Cooking Class: Plant-Based Ramen and Gyoza
BentoYa Cooking • Kanagawa
"Cooking classic Japanese foods with a healthy and sustainable twist, learn how to make ramen and gyoza out of completely vegan ingredients."
Dietary restrictions can be difficult to find accommodation for while traveling, but thankfully little by little more options for vegetarians and vegans have been popping up around Tokyo. However, there are some popular Japanese foods that can be tough to find vegan options for—especially late-night favorites like ramen and gyoza (pan-fried dumplings). This cooking class aims to fix that by teaching how to make these iconic foods 100% vegan.

Vegans and omnivores alike will be amazed by how the rich taste of ramen can be replicated without any meat, learning how to use vegan-friendly ingredients to make an irresistible bowl. While these foods are typically quite heavy and oily, you’ll find that the vegan versions are much lighter while still having a full-bodied and satisfying taste.

After learning the tricks and techniques to make these vegan dishes, you’ll enjoy the meal alongside others with a shared interest in vegan cooking, and receive the recipes to make the vegan ramen and gyoza at home. This is a great way to experience the classic tastes of late-night food regardless of dietary restrictions, while learning from a cooking instructor who is passionate about veganism and sustainability.


  • Cook a 100% vegan meal of ramen and gyoza
  • Meet locals and travelers who are interested in vegan food
  • Enjoy a completely plant-based meal


  • A 3-hour Vegan Ramen and Gyoza Cooking Class
  • An English-speaking Japanese cooking instructor
  • All ingredients and tools needed to make the vegan meal
  • Vegan recipes to take home