Obubu Tea Farm Club Membership
Kyoto Obubu Tea Farms • Kyoto
"Enjoy online events and quarterly shipments of fresh, high-quality teas straight from Obubu Tea Farm, all while supporting the local agricultural industry in Wazuka, Kyoto."
Obubu Tea Farm, located in Wazuka, Kyoto, has three core values: quality, community, and education. Their Tea Club, established in 2008, was formed as a way to bring tea makers and tea drinkers together, encouraging these three central ideals through a community-supported agriculture program.

Obubu Tea Club members will receive over 24 different teas each year and have the opportunity to join online events with the tea makers themselves. The quarterly tea shipments in March, May, September, and December will include at least 6 kinds of single-origin tea from Obubu Tea Farm. Obubu’s digital monthly magazine will also notify club members of the latest updates to the Obubu Tea Club and developments at the farm.

Wazuka has an 800-year-long history of producing tea and accounts for nearly 50% of the tea produced in Kyoto. They’re most well-known for producing Uji tea, which is considered some of the finest tea in Japan. It’s clear that Obubu Tea Farm has a deep commitment to quality, in the form of fresh, single-origin teas.

Tea Club Members will be supporting one of Kyoto’s most highly-regarded tea-growing areas through their subscription. Fees will be used to plant tea trees and contribute to the earth’s ecosystems, bolster community engagement and bring attention to local agriculture through events, promote Japanese tea culture abroad, and contribute to society through charity events for local people with disabilities, children from disadvantaged backgrounds, and the elderly.

Members also have an open invitation to visit Obubu Tea Farm, where they will be welcomed by the staff at Obubu Tea Farm who can arrange an itinerary of activities.


  • Receive quarterly shipments of fresh, single-origin tea from Wazuka, Kyoto
  • Join online events and meet the tea makers at Obubu Tea Farm
  • Get Obubu’s digital magazine straight to your inbox each month
  • Members are welcome to visit the tea farm for a tour


  • Quarterly tea shipments (24+ different teas per year)
  • 4 online events per year with tea makers
  • Digital monthly magazine
  • Open invitation to tour Obubu Tea Farm
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