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Ama Hut Seafood Dining Experience with Japan’s Traditional Female Divers
Ama Hut Hachiman Kamado (Hyoyoshiya Co., Ltd.) • Mie
"Experience the warm hospitality of seasoned ama divers, eating seafood that was freshly-caught by them just that morning and dancing along to a local folk song."
Meet the women who are keeping the 2000-year-old practice of freediving afloat in Mie Prefecture.

The ama (literally “sea women”) forgo the use of oxygen tanks, holding their breath for a minute at a time while they scour the bottom of the ocean for seafood like turban shells, abalone, and lobster. A dangerous profession, there are only 2000 remaining ama divers in Japan and meeting them is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The ama-san are such a lively group and wonderful hosts, freely chatting and laughing with guests and among themselves like a gaggle of sisters, you’d almost overlook how daring and athletic their line of work is. During the Q&A session, they will tell you more about the ama lifestyle, their superstitions and lucky charms, and tales of their underwater exploits.

For lunch, you can choose from five different course meal options, including seafood such as oysters, clams, and Ise lobster (a local delicacy). The sweet and tender Ise lobster is certainly a highlight, featured both grilled and in the aosa (green algae) soup.

After the meal, your kindly hosts will wrap you in their traditional uniform and you’ll join in on the local folk dance, the Osatsu Ondo.


  • Meet Mie Prefecture’s famous ama divers in the ama hut
  • Taste fresh seafood caught by ama divers and grilled over a fire
  • Learn about the tradition of ama diving, hear stories, and have a Q&A session
  • Wear traditional ama clothes and learn the Osatsu Ondo folk dance


  • Commemorative photo with the ama diving hosts
  • Choose from one of five different course meals
  • Wear traditional ama garb
  • Q&A session with ama divers
  • Learn the Osatsu Ondo folk dance
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