Swim with Sea Bream: Ago Bay Boat Tour & Cooking Class in Mie Fishing Village
Yuuei Fisheries Co., Ltd. • Mie
"A rare, once-in-a-lifetime experience, spend a day with a local fisherman in Mie Prefecture and dive (literally) into Japanese fishing culture!"
Your guide for this boat tour in Mie is Jun Hashimoto from Yuuei Fisheries in the fishing village of Asoura. Climb aboard his fishing boat and explore Ago Bay, where he will show you his method of fixed net fishing.

It’s all hands on deck from then on, because you’ll be helping out too, transferring fish from the net and onto the boat. Discover strange and stunning species of seafood, like squid with speckled, galaxy-like eyes; salt-and-pepper spotted sea bream; and gleaming silver yellowtail.

Then, you’ll be taken to one of many Japanese sea bream enclosures in the area, where over 5,000 tai fish are farmed. As Hashimoto-san feeds the tai, you’ll snorkel among them, discovering the hidden world of the fish beneath the surface of the water.

Back at the guesthouse, you’ll shower and change clothes before starting the cooking session. You’ll learn how to properly filet a whole fish and make sashimi from the day’s catch. The highlight, however, is the showstopping salt-baked fish, which comes out of the oven perfectly seasoned and impossibly tender. Share a simple and delicious home-made meal with the rest of the guests, complete with soup and rice.


  • Climb aboard a small fishing boat and explore Ago Bay
  • Experience fixed net fishing and discover local species of fish
  • Travel to the tai (Japanese sea bream) farm and dive into the enclosure with 5000 fish
  • Learn how to fillet a whole fish and make sashimi
  • Make salt-baked tai and enjoy the succulent fish


  • Local fisherman guide
  • Boat tour in Ago Bay
  • Wetsuits for those who wish to dive into the tai enclosure
  • Cooking experience with all ingredients and tools
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