Make Your Own Tea Blend: Shizuoka Tea Farm Tour at the Base of Mt. Fuji
Mt. Fuji Marumo Tea Garden Co., Ltd. • Shizuoka
"This Shizuoka tea farm tour encourages visitors to have a quiet, peaceful moment beneath Mt. Fuji, engaging the senses in a cup of tea."
While traveling, especially to tourist destinations in large cities like Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the onslaught of people and the itinerary of “must-see” places and “must-do” things. In Shizuoka, the prefecture that’s famous for tea production and Mt. Fuji, travelers can slow down and appreciate a moment of quiet serenity, connecting back to nature.

At the tea farm Obuchi Sasaba, stroll through the vibrant rows of tea bushes, leaves rustling against your legs and warm sunshine at your back. In the distance, Mt. Fuji fills the sky, overlooking the farm, an astounding view that’s straight out of a postcard. The unobstructed view of Japan’s tallest mountain surrounded by rows upon rows of lush greenery is one of the most iconic sights in Japan.

Seated on a raised platform in the center of the tea fields, you’ll be joined by a Japanese tea master. He will guide you as you make your own tea blend, choosing from sencha (green tea), hojicha (roasted tea), or kocha (black tea) as a base. Then, you can pick and choose from a selection of over ten types of dried flowers, herbs, and spices to add to the mix.

Everyone will have a chance to taste each tea blend–all original flavors, every mixture as unique as a fingerprint. Feel free to stick to the traditional flavor combinations or get creative with unusual pairings. Finally, you’ll go to the tea master’s own tea farm, and take turns brewing tea in the fields there, with another view of the majestic Mt. Fuji.


  • Visit the scenic tea fields at Obuchi Sasaba, a Shizuoka tea farm with a view of Mt. Fuji in the background
  • Make your own original tea blends starting with a base of Shizuoka tea: sencha, hojicha, or kocha
  • Taste the various tea blends in a serene atmosphere, surrounded by rows of tea
  • Visit the host’s tea farm for a second tasting and another view of Mt. Fuji


  • Shizuoka tea farm tour at Obuchi Sasaba at the base of Mt. Fuji
  • Make your own original tea blend to take home
  • Casual tea drinking experience at the host’s tea farm
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