Ramen Tasting Tour at 3 Award-Winning Tokyo Ramen Shops
Finom Co., Ltd. • Tokyo
"Join ramen aficionado Frank for a tasting tour that includes 6 mini bowls of ramen at 3 different Tokyo ramen shops."
Led by Frank, a ramen enthusiast who crushes 300-400 bowls per year, this ramen tour features three award-winning ramen shops in Tokyo’s Nakameguro, Shibuya, and Ebisu neighborhoods. The ramen tasting tour will include 6 mini bowls of ramen (about a quarter or a third of the average ramen size) with several options to choose from at every location, so the experience is customizable to each guest’s taste.

Along the way, Frank will discuss the characteristics of ramen, delving into the broth, noodle, and topping combinations that make each bowl so unique. From shockingly black ramen to soupless mazesoba, the unique bowls of ramen offered will push the boundaries of what you believe is possible for ramen.

Having been raised in Tokyo and developed a friendly relationship with many of the ramen shops in the city, Frank is the ideal tour guide to not only introduce the basics of ramen appreciation but also draw from his thousands of ramen experiences in Tokyo to curate a tour that ramen newbies and fanatics alike will love.

Just make sure to come hungry, because these mini ramen bowls really add up!


  • Join Tokyo native, Frank, for a tasting tour at 3 of his favorite ramen shops
  • Learn about the components of ramen: soup, noodles, and toppings
  • Find out how to properly taste and appreciate a bowl of ramen
  • Customize your own bowls with a variety of options at each ramen shop


  • 3-hour ramen tour of Nakameguro, Shibuya, and Ebisu
  • Local ramen aficionado to guide the way
  • Six mini bowls of ramen (customizable)
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