Amezaiku (Traditional Japanese Candy) Sculpting Class in Tokyo
Tezuka Kogei Co., Ltd. • Tokyo
"Learn the thousand-year-old craft of amezaiku, Japanese sugar sculpting, during a fun workshop in the historic Asakusa district of Tokyo."
Amezaiku, traditional Japanese sugar sculpting, is a rare craft that has very few practitioners left in Japan. The art form has a history of over 1000 years, with roots as a type of street performance in Japan, as well as having been used as an offering at temples. It’s truly mesmerizing to watch the glass-like ball of sugar morph into shapes such as glossy fish or intricate flowers, with a few precise snips from the master’s clippers.

During this special workshop held in Asakusa, Tokyo’s popular historic sightseeing area, visitors can learn how to craft their own candy rabbit out of “mizuame.” Using a set of sharp shears, a skilled teacher will demonstrate how to sculpt an amezaiku rabbit before allowing the guests to try it for themselves. There will be two practice rounds before the final candy rabbit is sculpted and decorated with food coloring. At the end of the amezaiku workshop, guests can take home their original candy rabbit as a souvenir, a wonderful way to remember the experience!

Amezaiku-making is a family-friendly and fun activity. As the hot candy cools to room temperature, it becomes less and less pliable, so it must be shaped within the first 2-3 minutes. This presents an exciting challenge and leads to some amusing attempts. Thankfully, there’s time to get adjusted to the motions of sculpting during the practice rounds, so the final product will rival sensei’s!


  • See a demonstration from an amezaiku craftsperson
  • Try a Japanese craft with a history that dates back 1000 years
  • Check out the display cases full of incredible, intricate creations
  • Take home your handmade souvenir


  • Introductory how-to video with English instructions
  • Tools and ingredients for 2 practice attempts and a final product
  • Demonstration from an amezaiku craftsperson
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