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Mayuko’s Japanese Home Cooking Class in Tokyo
Mayuko's Little Kitchen • Tokyo
"Located in the upscale residential neighborhood near Meiji Jingu Shrine, join Mayuko in her home for a cooking class that teaches the fundamentals of Japanese cuisine."
During this hands-on cooking class in Tokyo in her cozy home, Mayuko will teach you how to make authentic dishes that, unlike sushi and ramen, people often cook from scratch at home!

Tourists in Japan don’t always have the opportunity to visit a local’s home and enjoy authentic home-cooked Japanese food, so Mayuko decided to open her home to foreign visitors and teach them about the cooking techniques and real, everyday ingredients used in home kitchens across Japan.

First, you’ll have a cup of frothy matcha tea (which you’ll whisk yourself), a Japanese sweet treat, and a chat with Mayuko. She will then start introducing the two staple ingredients used to make dashi soup stock (a fundamental component of Japanese cusiine), along with three types of Japanese miso sourced from across Japan.

During the cooking lesson, she teaches how to make dishes like nasu dengaku (miso-glazed grilled eggplant), salmon chanchanyaki (salmon and vegetables seasoned with chunky miso sauce), tomato goma-ae (chilled tomato slices dressed with nutty and sweet sesame sauce), and classic miso soup.

Finally, with the hard work out of the way, you’ll sit down to your home-cooked feast, and enjoy chatting and eating with Mayuko. She’ll also serve sake and let you choose a glass from her stunning selection of glassware, including elegantly sparkling Edo kiriko cups.

Mayuko’s radiant energy and love of teaching Japanese cuisine make this cooking class truly special. Come and join her to get a local’s perspective on Japanese home cooking, and learn how she became a Japanese cooking sensei.


  • Join Mayuko for a Japanese cooking class in Tokyo
  • Learn about dashi, the soup stock that’s essential in Japanese cuisine
  • Get insights from a local, learning recipes that are staples in Japanese home cooking
  • Sip sake from an elegant selection of glassware


  • Expert tips from a bilingual cooking teacher
  • Ingredients and tools to make home-cooked dishes
  • Recipes in English
  • Japanese sake
  • Souvenir
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