Local Inaka Sushi (Countryside Sushi) Cooking Class in Kochi
NPO Hidaka Wanowakai • Kochi
"A culinary tradition that stems from the time before modern transportation, learn how to make Kochi Prefecture’s local “inaka sushi” (countryside sushi), but with innovative flavor combinations like tomato miso!"
Of Japan’s 47 prefectures, Kochi is renowned for its high ratio of forested land, with 84% of its landmass covered by trees. Thanks to its biodiversity, Kochi’s food culture features various indigenous species of plants. Prior to technological advances in transportation, fresh fish was scarce in densely forested areas of Kochi, so their local sushi was mainly plant-based. This style of sushi came to be known as “inaka sushi” (countryside sushi) and is still a part of the local cuisine.

During this cooking class in Kochi, sushi toppings such as shiitake mushrooms, eggplant, and myoga (ginger) are used. Thanks to their high quality and skillful preparation, these veggies are packed full of flavor. The “shari” (sushi rice) itself is well-seasoned with bright flavors like yuzu and ginger, a delightful counterpoint to the earthy flavors of the toppings.

Additionally, the area’s original tomato miso is a new product that adds a flavorful kick to gunkanmaki-style nigiri, contributing a gentle sweetness from the local tomatoes and mild spicy heat. Local tomatoes also play a starring role in their miso soup, which is especially refreshing when paired with delicate somen noodles.

Come discover Kochi prefecture’s rich culinary traditions and creative new flavors in Hidaka Village, learning Japanese culinary techniques that are passed down from previous generations. This sustainable and mainly plant-based menu features local ingredients, but the techniques can be adapted at home and the tomato miso is available for purchase, so visitors can continue to enjoy the flavors of Hidaka Village even after their trip.


  • Visit Hidaka Village, located along the famous Niyodo River
  • Learn how to make Kochi prefecture’s local “inaka sushi” (countryside sushi)
  • Try new flavor combinations, like the area’s original tomato miso which adds a kick of sweet heat to any dish


  • Kochi inaka sushi cooking class with locals
  • Local ingredients and cooking utensils
  • Try new flavor combinations, like the original tomato miso product
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