Tajima Beef Tasting Course in the Kamakura Snow Huts of Northern Hyogo
Muraoka Promotion Corporation • Hyogo
"A luxurious wintertime experience that's unique to Hyogo prefecture, join this kamakura (snow hut) dining experience that features a tasting of 61 cuts of local Tajima beef."
Raised in northern Hyogo prefecture, Tajima beef is a type of kuroge wagyu (Japanese black cattle), known for its gorgeous striations of fat, resulting in tender meat and rich flavors.

During this experience in a kamakura snow hut, enjoy Tajima beef right at the source, tasting 61 different cuts of meat. All carved from the same cow, each cut has its own unique flavor and texture, and it takes nearly 3 hours to taste and appreciate all 61.

This Kamakura Restaurant experience takes place at the Tajima Plateau Botanical Garden, where they began building snow huts made from hardened snow and supported by wooden beams seven years ago. Up to eight people can dine in the spacious igloo, tasting the “Tajima Guro” brand of beef.

In addition to the Tajima beef dining experience, the botanical garden will host a “Kanjiki experience.” Visitors can wear traditional snowshoes and trek 500 meters in the snow to the famous 1000-year-old katsura tree.

An experience like no other, appreciate Hyogo prefecture’s local offerings during this cozy wintertime experience in a snowy wonderland.


  • Dine inside a spacious kamakura snow hut (seats up to 8)
  • Taste up to 61 cuts of Tajima beef, each with its own unique flavor and texture
  • Try on traditional snowshoes and journey to the 1000-year-old katsura tree


  • Tasting course with 61 different cuts of Tajima beef
  • Set meal including rice, miso soup, vegetables, pickles, and tea
  • “Kanjiki” (traditional snowshoe) experience
  • Free sled rental for children