Hiroshima-Style Okonomiyaki Cooking Class at Okosta Studio
OKOSTA • Hiroshima
"Conveniently located by Hiroshima Station, join the makers of Japan’s iconic okonomiyaki sauce for a hands-on Hiroshimayaki cooking class."
Hiroshima’s claim to culinary fame is their Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki, a multi-layered construction of batter, cabbage, noodles, sauce, and other add-ins; and there’s no better place to try it than the Okosta Okonomiyaki Cooking Studio, which is run by the company that created the ubiquitous Otafuku okonomiyaki sauce that’s used in okonomiyaki restaurants and homes across Japan.

The founder of Okosta created his business in the 1920s and began selling their signature Otafuku okonomiyaki sauce in the 1950s when okonomiyaki gained popularity. During the post-war era, a simple version of okonomiyaki pancakes was sold as a one-coin snack (“issen yoshoku”) by street vendors and okonomiyaki continued to evolve as meat and other ingredients were added to the recipe. Today, it is an elaborately stacked, ultra-filling dish that’s often served straight from the teppan.

The growth of Okosta coincided with the popularity of okonomiyaki, their histories and success intertwined, and the company has continued to assist budding okonomiyaki businesses with training and support ever since. With Okosta’s experience teaching the next generation of okonomiyaki cooks, their studio next to Hiroshima Station is the best place to learn how to make this beloved local dish.

During this fun, hands-on experience, the friendly staff at Otafuku will teach you how to construct the perfect Hiroshimayaki with your favorite add-ins and toppings. A variety of Otafuku sauces are at hand, including vegan, vegetarian, and halal versions, so almost anyone can join regardless of dietary restrictions!


  • Learn how to make authentic Hiroshima okonomiyaki from the pros at Okosta Studio
  • Choose additional ingredients and toppings (vegan, vegetarian, and halal options available)
  • Dig into the finished savory pancake, eating it hot off the teppan!
  • Take home some Otafuku souvenirs so you can replicate the recipe at home


  • Hiroshimayaki cooking class with bilingual instructor
  • Your choice of ingredients and toppings (vegan, vegetarian, and halal options available)
  • Souvenirs (samurai bandana, Otafuku original apron, furoshiki)
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