Wild Mushroom Hunting and Cooking Class with Foraging Expert in Niigata
Matsunoyama Onsen LLC • Niigata
"Join a local mushroom foraging expert and trek through the snow-blanketed mountains, hunting for wild mushrooms; then, return to a traditional Japanese house and share a meal around the hearth."
In the snowy countryside of Niigata, foraging practices, which were once necessary to survive the harsh winter, are kept alive. With local mushroom hunting experts, you will learn the skills to gather edible wild fungi such as nameko and oyster mushrooms, and prepare them in delicious dishes, like a wild mushroom soup.

An adventurous experience, you will learn to spot the hardiest mushrooms which survive the chilly climate and thrive under fallen trees, concealed by layers of snow. Your guide will point out the delicious local varieties (and steer you away from the ones that are not safe for consumption). As you hunt for mushrooms, the gorgeous scenery of Matsunoyama will compete for your attention. Breathe in the crisp, invigorating winter air and gaze out at the breathtaking view of snow-capped fir trees, as far as the eye can see!

After the mushroom hunting experience, return to a 400-year-old house and defrost in front of the traditional Japanese irori (sunken hearth). Once the mushrooms are prepared, the multi-course meal will begin, including not just mushroom dishes, but also other tasty courses using local ingredients. Some dishes are even cooked using Matsunoyama Onsen’s hot spring water! And of course, since you’re in Niigata, the meal will be served alongside Uonuma koshihikari rice, considered the finest rice in Japan.


  • Visit the winter wonderland of Matsunoyama Onsen
  • Hunt for mushrooms with an expert
  • Warm yourself beside the irori (traditional Japanese hearth)
  • Learn to prepare your haul of wild fungi and make a delicious mushroom-based soup
  • Taste a multi-course meal using local ingredients, grilled over the hearth in front of you


  • Local mushroom hunting guide
  • Snow boots and gloves for foraging
  • A dining experience in an old-fashioned Japanese house with an irori
  • Mushroom hot pot and other dishes made with local ingredients