Glamping at Tokachi Shinmura Farm in Hokkaido with BBQ Dinner
Destination Tokachi Co., Ltd. • Hokkaido
"With nearby local attractions such as the rare moor hot springs and activities like cow milking, this glamping retreat at Tokachi Shinmura Farm is an unforgettable experience."
Tokachi Shinmura Farm, located in the fertile Tokachi plains, prides itself on its sustainable dairy farming, striving to minimize their environmental impact by working in harmony with the local ecosystem. They have implemented a sustainable recycling-oriented agricultural model, and aim to achieve zero waste. The ranch produces milk and various milk-based foods, from yogurt to scones, providing products that customers can enjoy with peace of mind.

During this glamping experience, guests can stay in a vast meadow located in the center of the farm, featuring superb views of the land. This glamping retreat includes a tent, BBQ dinner, and breakfast, with an option to rent camping equipment. The ingredients and grill for the BBQ dinner and breakfast are provided so guests can enjoy cooking their own meals DIY-style. Dinner features wild boar (hamburg, sausage, wild boar steak, and bacon), Raclette cheese, seasonal vegetables, and more.

The next morning’s hearty breakfast includes dairy products such as yogurt, milk, and cheese produced in-house at Tokachi Shinmura Farm, bread, bacon, jam, an egg, and curry soup. Make your own breakfast sandwich while you gaze over the plains of Tokachi Shinmura Farm, appreciating the land that produced such sustainable and delicious nourishment.


  • Glamping at a sustainable dairy farm in Hokkaido
  • Grill-it-yourself dinner including local wild boar and seasonal vegetables
  • Breakfast featuring dairy products produced on the farm
  • Cow milking experience (optional)
  • Visit Shihoro Onsen for a rejuvenating hot spring bath (optional)


  • Tent and staff to assist with setting up
  • Dinner (only ingredients & grill are provided)
  • Breakfast (only ingredients & grill are provided)
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