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Japanese Tea Farm Tour and Tasting Set in the Scenic Kyoto Prefecture
Kyoto Obubu Tea Farms, LLC • Kyoto
"In Kyoto’s Wazuka-cho, home to gorgeous tea fields that have been declared a Scenic Property of Kyoto Prefecture, join a tea tour for a refreshing and immersive encounter with Japanese tea culture."
One of the most picturesque villages in Japan, Wazuka-cho features stunning views of the vast Uji tea fields, which account for nearly half of the tea produced in Kyoto Prefecture. This 4-hour tea tour of the Kyoto Obubu Tea Farms features some of the most beautiful scenic points, known only by the local farmers, and a tasting with 9 types of local Kyoto tea.

Visitors will have a chance to stroll through the perfectly groomed rows of tea, gazing out at the view of sprawling tea fields from 500 meters above sea level as they hear about the best growing conditions for tea. Later, at the tea factory, the guide will explain how tea is processed after harvesting, and introduce the machinery that does the hard work of rolling and drying the tea, a unique needle-shaped variety of sencha.

For lunch, green tea soba noodles will be served, a classic Japanese dish made of buckwheat, but with a special Kyoto twist. Afterward, there will be a tea brewing lesson and tasting, featuring a variety of teas. Guests will have a chance to pour their own tea, learning about how different extraction temperatures can influence the flavor of the final cup. The types of teas included in the tasting vary depending on the season, but past tastings have included teas such as “genmaicha,” made with roasted rice, and the rare “gyokuro” tea, made from leaves that have been shaded from the sun to lend the tea an elegant and refreshing flavor. Wazuka-cho also produces premium matcha tea, so guests will have the chance to taste some of the finest matcha in the world.

Since 2012, Obubu Tea Farm has taught over 100 interns from 28 countries, and their genuine passion for Japanese tea and sharing their knowledge makes this tea tour truly unique. Even those with no special interest in tea will come away from this tour with a newfound appreciation for Japanese tea.


  • Taste 8 different types of locally made Japanese tea
  • Tour the tea fields and factory and learn about tea cultivation and processing
  • Gaze upon stunning views of Kyoto, known only by tea farmers
  • Enjoy a green tea soba dish for lunch
  • Taste Japanese tea sweets


  • Tasting with 8 kinds of Japanese tea
  • Tea farm and factory tour
  • Lunch
  • Japanese tea sweets
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