Cozy Farmstay with Kiritampo Cooking in Odate City
Akita Inu Tourism • Akita
"Experience the relaxed pace of rural life at a charming farmhouse in Odate with Ishigaki-san, a local farmer’s mother, who will teach you how to make kiritampo hot pot, a beloved local dish."
Meet Ishigaki-san, a farmer’s mother who runs a cozy farm inn in Odate. With her guidance, you’ll lend a hand with some light farm work and make an exquisite kiritampo hot pot with premium Hinai Jidori chicken. Then, reward yourself with a dip in a local onsen (hot spring) bath.

When you first arrive at the farm inn in Odate, you will be warmly welcomed and shown to your room. After you’re settled, Ishigaki-san will begin teaching you her traditional home cooking methods, starting with tampo (grilled rice cake skewers) an Akita specialty. tampo is made with steamed rice that is mashed and wrapped around a Japanese cedar stick, then cooked over an open hearth until it forms a crispy exterior.

Ishigaki-san will teach you two dishes using your homemade tampo. First, miso tsuke tampo, with a crunchy exterior and umami sweetness from the miso glaze, will stimulate your appetite. Then, you’ll feast on a meal of kiritampo hot pot, made with the local Hinai Jidori chicken, one of the three most famous chicken breeds in Japan.

After the meal, you’ll take a dip in the revitalizing waters of the local hot spring bathhouse, before burrowing beneath the covers of a cozy futon. In the morning, following a quick “radio taiso” exercise, enjoy a breakfast including local ingredients such as Hinai Jidori chicken eggs and Akita apples.


  • Experience Japanese rural life with a kind farmer’s mother in Odate
  • Learn how to make delicious miso tsuke tampo, a specialty dish of Akita
  • Warm up with a kiritampo hot pot that includes premium local chicken
  • Wind down with a dip in the hot spring and settle in for a good night’s sleep
  • Enjoy the “radio taiso” morning exercises and a tasty breakfast spread


  • Overnight stay at a small inn run by a farmer’s mother
  • Make an appetizer of miso tsuke tampo
  • Kiritampo hot pot meal
  • Trip to local onsen hot spring
  • Breakfast made with local ingredients