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Award-Winning Japanese Winery Tour with Gourmet Meal & Wine Pairing
Tsuno Creative Tank Foundation • Miyazaki
"In Miyazaki Prefecture’s stunning palm tree-dotted Tsuno, discover the delights of Japanese wines made with 100% local grapes, paired with a sumptuous 5-course gourmet meal."
Tour the Japanese vineyard where award-winning wines are born. This internationally recognized Japanese winery overlooks the Pacific Ocean, a stunning backdrop to a wine tasting meal that pairs home-grown Japanese wines with courses featuring local fruits and vegetables, Miyazaki wagyu, and domestic seafood.

Starting with a tour of the vineyard itself, learn about terroir with an English-speaking guide. While the climate of Tsuno does not seem particularly suited to grape-growing, the fertile land and delicious wine says otherwise.

Back at the winery, you’ll hear about the winemaking process, and discover how both traditional methods and state-of-the-art machinery are combined to produce excellent wine. The grapes from Tsuno Wine’s vineyard are pressed with a high-tech German Europress, the barrels the wine is aged in are all French oak, and the corks are sourced from Portugal. The deliberate choices, attention to detail, and pride in craftsmanship, however, are 100% Japanese (not to mention, the grapes, as well).

The 5-course meal that follows shines a spotlight on the other bounties Miyazaki Prefecture has to offer. Miyazaki wagyu, for example, has received several awards over the years, even beating the highly-esteemed Kobe beef on occasion. The menu varies depending on the season, but you can expect it to feature the finest local fruits and vegetables, such as kumquats, mango, kiwi, and kabocha pumpkin. Paired with 5 distinct wines to complement each course, it will be difficult to choose a favorite among the juicy, sweet, crisp, and oaky wines, and visitors will certainly want to leave with a bottle or two.


  • Learn about the terroir of Tsuno, Miyazaki, starting at the vineyard
  • Tour the winery with an English-speaking guide
  • See how wines are bottled and try corking one for yourself
  • Enjoy a lavish 5-course meal and wine pairing featuring local ingredients


  • Visit the Tsuno vineyard
  • Tour the winery
  • 5-course gourmet meal with wine pairing
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