Overnight Stay at "UDON HOUSE" with Udon Making and Udon Hopping
"Experience udon in Kagawa, the prefecture that is said to be the birthplace of udon, where udon shops are twice as large as convenience stores!"
The people of Kagawa have such a passion for udon that they are said to have the highest rate of udon consumption nationwide. Their regional version of these noodles is called Sanuki Udon, a thick and chewy, square-cut type of noodle which is thought of as the standard for udon noodles across Japan. While this dish may seem simple, it is imbued with hundreds of years of craftsmanship and local pride, a staple dish not just in Kagawa, but across Japan. And it all started here.

The enthusiasm for udon in the “Udon Prefecture” is palpable, and the specialists at UDON HOUSE are proud to share their craft with visitors from around the world. This two-day udon master class at UDON HOUSE allows guests to delve into the art of udon, with three components: an udon making class, a farm visit to pick vegetables for Tempura, and an udon hopping tour for breakfast.

On day one, guests will join the hands-on udon making class. Visitors will learn to make noodles from scratch, harvest vegetables from a local farm, and build the perfect bowl of Sanuki Udon. First, they will learn about the basics of udon (including a special kneading technique) and umami (the fifth taste that was discovered and coined in Japan). As the dough rests, vegetables will be harvested for toppings. Finally, the udon will be cut with a special udon-cutter and boiled, and the bowls of Sanuki Udon will be arranged and enjoyed.

After the class, visitors have the evening free to explore the area, such as Chichibugahama Beach and Onsen (hot spring). The next day, the group will wake up early for the udon tour, visiting two specialty restaurants in the area. The local guide will take the group to hidden gem udon restaurants, which are not printed in any guidebook, guaranteeing a truly authentic experience.


  • Join a sanuki udon making class and learn how to make udon noodles from scratch
  • Learn about the types of noodles and how to make dashi soup stock
  • Harvest produce at a local farm as the udon dough rests, and prepare the vegetables to be served with your udon
  • Enjoy an overnight stay at a refurbished traditional Japanese home
  • In the morning, visit 2 udon restaurants for an udon hopping experience, wearing matching happi jackets


  • Udon making class
  • Supper
  • Overnight accommodation at Udon House
  • Udon hopping experience