Hands-On Matcha Tea Experience in Nishio with Meal and Dessert
Nishio City Tourism Association • Aichi
"Experience the refined matcha tea, complemented with traditional sweets, in Nishio City, one of Japan’s premier matcha producing areas."
During this hands-on experience in Aichi, discover how the vast tea fields of Nishio are distilled into matcha, a vibrant green powdered tea that is used to make everything from creamy matcha lattes to ice cream. Guests can visit the tea fields, wear a woman’s tea-picking costume, grind matcha with a stone mill, whisk their own bowl of matcha tea, and more!

Nishio’s matcha production techniques are meticulous. The tea fields are covered with a tarp called “tana” to shield the trees from direct sunlight, and the tencha tea is ground by a special type of granite produced in Japan. The grinding speed and type of mill used influences the flavor of the final product. It is this attention to detail and high-quality that makes Nishio matcha the top choice of brands like Häagen-Dazs.

During this matcha tea experience, you’ll see how “ichibancha,” which is the highest quality matcha, mainly used for tea ceremony, is made. Visit the tea fields, try on a women’s tea picking outfit, and take a commemorative photo. Then, stop by a matcha factory at a local teahouse and grind matcha for yourself. Afterward, learn how to whisk a perfectly frothy bowl of matcha tea, and enjoy it alongside Japanese sweets.

After a lunch break at Tonkatsu Nishiki, a restaurant that serves deep-fried pork cutlets and sashimi, the group will visit Nishio City Historic Park. There, you can relax in the tea room of the former Konoe House, which was moved from Kyoto. Lastly, enjoy a tour of a miso storehouse and a miso tasting in a private house.


  • Visit a local tea farm and wear a woman’s tea picking uniform
  • Find out how matcha is made at a matcha processing factory and grind your own matcha tea using a stone mill
  • Learn a simple tea ceremony with seasonal Japanese sweets
  • Visit the Nishio City Historic Park, home to Nishio Castle, a stunning rock garden, and a traditional teahouse
  • Join a miso tasting at Miso Park


  • Tea farm and factory visit
  • Nishio matcha latte souvenir
  • Simple tea ceremony with Japanese sweets
  • Tonkatsu and sashimi lunch
  • Tour of Nishio City Historic Park and Miso Park
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