Kamakura Snow Hut Dining Experience with Nagano Cuisine
Shinshu Iiyama Tourism Bureau • Nagano
"In Iiyama’s enchanting village of kamakura snow huts, share a warming noroshi-nabe hot pot made with local Shinshu miso, Miyuki pork, vegetables, and mushrooms."
One of Japan’s heaviest snowfall areas, Nagano’s Iiyama City is known for scenic ski resorts but still strives to preserve its untouched nature and idyllic local charms. Iiyama famously hosted the 1998 Winter Olympics and is nicknamed the “Little Kyoto of Snow Country,” so, clearly, Iiyama is the perfect winter wonderland for those looking to escape the dreary, snowless cold of Tokyo.

Each year, from late January through February, a stretch of land in Iiyama is transformed into an enchanting village of kamakura igloos, against a backdrop of snow-capped mountains. In the evening, the igloos glow from within, a magical and cheerful sight in the midst of winter. Around 20 of these kamakura are built every year; each about 3 meters tall, and large enough to accommodate 5 adults.

Visitors can enjoy lunch or dinner in their own private snow hut. The Kamakura Village Restaurant serves the regional specialty, noroshi-nabe, made with Nagano’s famous Shinshu miso, local Miyuki pork, Chinese cabbage, and homegrown mushrooms like hon-shimeji and enoki. Also included are delicious onigiri rice balls made with Iiyama’s own koshihikari rice. These cozy, comforting dishes are perfect to keep the cold at bay, while the stunning view from the kamakura gives a sense of serenity and calm.


  • Visit the charming kamakura snow hut village, a fun yearly tradition in Iiyama
  • Enjoy a hot meal in your very own igloo
  • Share a delicious local hot pot called noroshi nabe, made with ingredients from Nagano Prefecture


  • Kamakura snow hut
  • Local specialty, noroshi nabe
  • Onigiri rice balls made with koshihikari rice