Eat! Meet! Japan 2019 Award-Winners
Kamakura Snow Hut Dining Experience with Nagano Cuisine
In Iiyama’s enchanting village of kamakura snow huts, share a warming noroshi-nabe hot pot made with local Shinshu miso, Miyuki pork, vegetables, and mushrooms.
Shinshu Iiyama Tourism Bureau • Nagano
Cozy Farmstay with Kiritampo Cooking in Odate City
Experience the relaxed pace of rural life at a charming farmhouse in Odate with Ishigaki-san, a local farmer’s mother, who will teach you how to make kiritampo hot pot, a beloved local dish.
Akita Inu Tourism • Akita
Market to Table: Tsukiji Outer Market Tour and Cooking Class
Eat like a local during this market-to-table cooking class in Tokyo, beginning with a 1-hour tour of the Tsukiji Outer Market to pick up the freshest ingredients of the day.
Share Pro Inc. • Tokyo
Japanese Tea Farm Tour and Tasting Set in the Scenic Kyoto Prefecture
In Kyoto’s Wazuka-cho, home to gorgeous tea fields that have been declared a Scenic Property of Kyoto Prefecture, join a tea tour for a refreshing and immersive encounter with Japanese tea culture.
Kyoto Obubu Tea Farms, LLC • Kyoto
Glamping at Tokachi Shinmura Farm in Hokkaido with BBQ Dinner
With nearby local attractions such as the rare moor hot springs and activities like cow milking, this glamping retreat at Tokachi Shinmura Farm is an unforgettable experience.
Destination Tokachi Co., Ltd. • Hokkaido
Hike a Sacred Mountain with Yamabushi Mountain Ascetic and Try Shojin Ryori Cuisine
Experience the spiritual culture of Japan with a Yamabushi mountain ascetic as your guide, climbing a holy mountain and tasting the cuisine of Japanese monks.
Dewa Shonai Area Design Co., Ltd. • Yamagata
Marine Sake Storage Voyage in Kesennuma with Brewery Tour
After a tour of Otokoyama Sake Brewery, board an oyster fishing boat to retrieve the local Japanese sake that sleeps in the sea of Kesennuma!
Otokoyama Head Office Co., Ltd. • Miyagi
Wild Mushroom Hunting and Cooking Class with Foraging Expert in Niigata
Join a local mushroom foraging expert and trek through the snow-blanketed mountains, hunting for wild mushrooms; then, return to a traditional Japanese house and share a meal around the hearth.
Matsunoyama Onsen LLC • Niigata
Omicho Market Tour and Cooking Class
Explore Omicho Market, known as “Kanazawa’s Kitchen.” Learn about local food culture and Japanese cooking techniques, like how to prepare seafood and assemble a balanced Japanese meal.
Kohaku Inc. • Ishikawa
Hands-On Matcha Tea Experience in Nishio with Meal and Dessert
Experience the refined matcha tea, complemented with traditional sweets, in Nishio City, one of Japan’s premier matcha producing areas.
Nishio City Tourism Association • Aichi
Farm-to-Table Matsusaka Beef Sukiyaki and Farm Stay
Stay overnight at a farmer’s inn and prepare a meal with the family. Harvest vegetables, cook rice the traditional way, and indulge in sukiyaki made with luxurious Matsusaka wagyu.
Taiki Town Council for Regional Development • Mie
Overnight Stay at "UDON HOUSE" with Udon Making and Udon Hopping
Experience udon in Kagawa, the prefecture that is said to be the birthplace of udon, where udon shops are twice as large as convenience stores!
Award-Winning Japanese Winery Tour with Gourmet Meal & Wine Pairing
In Miyazaki Prefecture’s stunning palm tree-dotted Tsuno, discover the delights of Japanese wines made with 100% local grapes, paired with a sumptuous 5-course gourmet meal.
Tsuno Creative Tank Foundation • Miyazaki
Discovering Dashi, the Basis of Japanese Cuisine, in Makurazaki City
In sunny Makurazaki, discover how katsuobushi (dried skipjack tuna), the crucial ingredient in dashi soup stock, is indispensable to Japanese food culture.
Nakahara Suisan Co., Ltd. • Kagoshima