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Explore the beautiful scenery and learn all about these unique EAT! MEET! JAPAN experiences through our immersive online experience videos.
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Take a peek into the unique food experience of EAT! MEET! JAPAN through our bite-size videos.
1-cover play
Harvesting Fresh Wasabi in the Beautiful Fields of Shizuoka
2-cover play
Revitalizing Minamisanriku: Fresh Oysters and Local Wine Tour
3-cover play
Soy Sauce Making and Factory Tour in Kawagoe
4-cover play
Vegan Cooking Class: Temari Sushi with Local Sustainable Vegetables
5-cover play
Century-Old Fermentation Storehouse Tour and Miso Sampling
6-cover play
From Leaf to Brew: The Secrets of Japanese Tea Production
7-cover play
Make Your Own Pet Food From Scratch! Fishing and Grilling in Mie
8-cover play
Takashima, the City of Fermentation: Miso, Soy Sauce, and the Original Sushi
9-cover play
Hinagashi Traditional Japanese Sweet Making in Tsuruoka
10-cover play
Pick Mikan and Make Marmalade with a Local Farmer in Ehime
11-cover play
Vegan Japanese Cooking Class: Plant-Based Ramen and Gyoza
12-cover play
Life in the Japanese Countryside: Local Farm-to-Table Meal
13-cover play
Tour Maebashi, Gunma’s Fermentation City, by Scenic Local Railway
14-cover play
Connecting with Japan’s Culture through Udon and Calligraphy
15-cover play
Kawaii and Insta-Worthy Character Bento Class
16-cover play
A Day in the Life of a Jomon Era Hunter-Gatherer in Niigata
17-cover play
Traditional Ayu Fishing with Fire on the Maze River
18-cover play
Decorative Pressed Sushi Class Along the Historical Nakasendo Trail
19-cover play
Workshop and Sampling the Bonito Flakes of Mie Prefecture
20-cover play
Bounty of the Sea: Culinary Culture of Ine, From Seafood to Sake
21-cover play
Fermentation Cooking and 3-Day Traditional House Stay in Nara
22-cover play
Sustainable Soy: Zero-Waste Cooking Class in Kamakura
23-cover play
From “Ugly” to Upcycled: Reducing Hokkaido's Food Waste Through Creative Cooking
24-cover play
Sake Tasting in Kyoto With Your Own Handmade Wooden Cup
25-cover play
Hiroshima-Style Okonomiyaki Cooking Class at Okosta Studio
26-cover play
Amezaiku (Traditional Japanese Candy) Sculpting Class in Tokyo
27-cover play
Ramen Tasting Tour at 3 Award-Winning Tokyo Ramen Shops
28-cover play
Become a Sake Brewer with Kurabito Stay in Saku, Nagano
29-cover play
2-Day Farmstay in Yamaura Featuring Frozen Tofu, Kanten Jelly, and Traditional Local Cuisine
30-cover play
Make Your Own Tea Blend: Shizuoka Tea Farm Tour at the Base of Mt. Fuji
31-cover play
Swim with Sea Bream: Ago Bay Boat Tour & Cooking Class in Mie Fishing Village
32-cover play
Ama Hut Seafood Dining Experience with Japan’s Traditional Female Divers
33-cover play
Obubu Tea Farm Club Membership
34-cover play
Tajima Beef Tasting Course in the Kamakura Snow Huts of Northern Hyogo
35-cover play
Okinawa Tour: Awamori Cave Expedition with Regional Okinawan Cuisine
36-cover play
Bounty of Nagara River Tour With Multi-Course Ayu Sweetfish Meal
37-cover play
Local Inaka Sushi (Countryside Sushi) Cooking Class in Kochi
38-cover play
Mayuko’s Japanese Home Cooking Class in Tokyo
39-cover play
Kamakura Snow Hut Dining Experience with Nagano Cuisine
40-cover play
Cozy Farmstay with Kiritampo Cooking in Odate City
41-cover play
Market to Table: Tsukiji Outer Market Tour and Cooking Class
42-cover play
Japanese Tea Farm Tour and Tasting Set in the Scenic Kyoto Prefecture
43-cover play
Hike a Sacred Mountain with Yamabushi Mountain Ascetic and Try Shojin Ryori Cuisine
44-cover play
Marine Sake Storage Voyage in Kesennuma with Brewery Tour
45-cover play
Wild Mushroom Hunting and Cooking Class with Foraging Expert in Niigata
46-cover play
Omicho Market Tour and Cooking Class
47-cover play
Hands-On Matcha Tea Experience in Nishio with Meal and Dessert
48-cover play
Farm-to-Table Matsusaka Beef Sukiyaki and Farm Stay
49-cover play
Overnight Stay at "UDON HOUSE" with Udon Making and Udon Hopping
50-cover play
Award-Winning Japanese Winery Tour with Gourmet Meal & Wine Pairing
51-cover play
Discovering Dashi, the Basis of Japanese Cuisine, in Makurazaki City
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